A school on the way to the museum reminds of a typical Soviet school in my childhood.

Picture #2

This banner says there are very attractive appartments for sale in this building.


Entrance to the museum.

Museum's home is the building where capitulation was signed.

A news-paprer of Russian emmigrants in Germany in the beginning of XX century.

Open letter of Russian people.

Russian restaurant.

15 Jahre Sowiet Union.

Die Ukraine: Land u. Volk.

Der Bolschewismus: Nieder! Nieder!

Der Untermensch.

Europa und der Osten.


Der ewige Jude.


Millitary maps.

Helmet and a pocket phrase-book.

German millitary uniform.



Soviet and German medals.


Soldier clothing.

Hitler eliberator.

"Destroy Stalin's bandits" and "that's why Germany is going to win".

Zwanzig Karbowanez.


Bolshevism vs. New Europe.

We're in Germany! For some reason, it reminds me the ad for the "Green-card" program for IT specialists :)