LOXX Miniatur Welten is an exhibited in the west-city of Berlin model of a railway accompanied by small copies of city's famous buildings and places. On <a href="http://www.loxx-berlin.com/en/index.html">loxx-berlin.com</a> they claim it's the biggest computer-driven railway model in scale 1:87.

Fire. First association is Nazis burning books.

This one is an airport model. None of Berlin's existing ones, but an own airport called LOXX. This plane is from the Arab Emirates.

At the airport, there is also a visit of the US president. Here he is coming out of his plane.

A little aside there is an air-crash, and a firemen eliminating fire.

This is on the way to the airport, where the US president arrived. Policemen stopped a car and arresting a guy, aiming their pistols at him.

Next to the airport a protest demostration is taking place. Either against the war in Iraq or pro Kyoto protocol.

There are no such hills near Berlin, so I think they made them out just to make the landscape look nicer.

"Zoologischer Garten" railway station, the very center of the city-west. On the wall there are demands that all trains should stop here in the future too, so that the western part doesn't become a province.

Picture #10

Elephants at the zoo.


Reichstag model.

Picture #14

A visitor with a camera on a stair.

Brandenburg gate.


The railway's main control center.

Famous group of buildings at Jannowitzbruecke.

Barge in one of the canals.

Famous blinking lights in the windows of a building next to Alexanderplatz.

Alexanderplatz: "Park inn" hotel and DDR's TV tower.


Bus-station and a summer caffee.


Tank with the barrel tied up.