View from the hotel.

Playa del Ingles embankment. Status and lots of senior tourists. Mostly Germans.

Some guys were cutting trees and bushes on the embankment. Pensioners gathered around, picking some flowers for theirselves.

This German inscription says: "Feeding cats is prohibited in this establishment".

Whenever I go somewhere to the sea-side, I can't help noticing how big and fat cats there are. Gran Canaria was not an exception.

A Siamese.

El Hierro is a small square in Playa del Ingles. One can enjoy a great scenery of Maspalomas from there.

El Hierro.

Maspalaomas, view from El Hierro.

The same view, in the evening.

This is how the mountains inside the island look from the embankment.

After a heavy tropical rain in Maspalomas.

Road sign in Maspalomas, not far away from the local authorities office.

Constituion monument.

From what my Spanish allows me to understand, this one says "Onour the Constitution".

Riverbed. When there is no rain, it's almost dry.

A cloudy morning at the embankment of Playa del Ingles.


Playa del Ingles Beach. On the piece coming out to the ocean there are the infamous Maspalomas Dunes.


Clouds aboive the beach and the Dunes.



Beach in a cloudy day: umbrellas.

Atlantic ocean.

A view on the beach towards San Augustin.



The Las Palmas airport: protest meeting, workers rolling a coffin and beating drum. They were very pleased to pose for people with cameras.

Protest meeting in the Las Palmas airport.