Parking at the entrance to the park. I was a bit unlucky with the weather. It was pouring rain. Despite this, some photos were ok.

Between these mountains, in the valley, the Las Palmitos park is situated.

Palm-trees on the slope and a walkway between them.


Cactus and mountains whose tops are covered by fog. It's raining.

Walkpath, flowres.

Rather different sorts of cactuses.

Walkpath and mountains.

There is a small pavillion with aquariums in the park. In this tank are clown-fishes.

If I am not mistaken, this guy is one from the tetraodon family. These are fishes who distend when one takes them out of water.

Wet orang-utan under the rain, holding ropes.

Sad orang-utan.

Smaller monkeys.


Pink flamingos.

The rightmost flamingo is driving a duck away.


One can see all the animals without a grate. People just enter an open-air cage, open and close two doors (so that animals don't run away) and enjoy communicating with animals. Parrots are no exception.

Picture #19