Such ponds appear on walkpathes right after the rain. After a few hours under the sun they disappear.

The river-bed, that only yesterday was completely dry, turned into a raging flow of water coming down from the mountains.

River and the mountains where the water comes from.

At the entrance into the mountains.


A green slope, water and stones.

Road to the mountains.

Some parts of the road appeared to be flooded. Since I was on a mountain-bike, I had to traverse the flows with the bike in the hands.

A road-blocking flow.

The road continues.

Flow, road and the bike.

Rock to the right of the Leon mountain.

Road going up to the Leon mountain.

The water of the recent rain is trickling out of the rocks.

Shadow on the slope.

From the top of the Leon mountain one can enjoy a view that extends up to the ocean.

People who live here have a nice prospective on Maplalomas and the ocean.

Mountains and clouds.

Picture #19

A day before a local taxi-dirver told me these rocks look just like the Grand Canyon in the US. That's what he concluded after seeing the latter.

Road doing down from the Leon mountain.


Picture #23

Back to Maspalomas.

Palm-trees, flowers and mountains.

Picture #26