Soljanka on the menu. The place is called Brotfabrik and situated in Prenzel'berg district of Berlin. Above the entrance it has a very totalitarily looking gear wheel. I made a joke by saying that a liberty celebration is impossible in such a place. However, the event was nice and surprizingly not very political. <a href="">Here</a> is Konst's full report about it in Russian.

Activist Lena, the organizer of the event.

Cinema. Soon the show of the movie about Lukashenko starts. The movie is called "A usual president".

Kirill Krasovskiy of <a href="">radio "Russian Berlin"</a> with the pieces of modern art that he liked.

People looking at the screen.

The screen.

Discussion. Lena (Gomel, Belarus) and Dima (Odessa, Ukraine).

Activist Masha from somewhere near Stuttgart. Originally from Minsk. Her dream is to go back to her Homeland and be useful there.

Picture #9

A German guy who spoke very well Russian. He asked me who is "Bat'ka". He saw the word on the screen, but had no idea who that is. Actually, it's Lukashenko's nickname, which means "father" in Belorussian.



Outfit of this girl is quite tipicial for Berlin's hippy youth somewhere from Prenzel'berg. I was very surprized that she spoke Russian. I think, she also comes from Belarus.

Picture #14

Activist Masha with a friend behind the notebook.

Picture #16

Picture #17

Make your choice, Belarus!

Lena (Belarus) and Nils (Germany). Recently Nils returned from Poland, thus for some reason he tried speaking Polish to us all the time.

Nina, Anya and Nikita.

Nina, Konst, Anya and Nikita.

Konst and activist Anya.

Lena and Nils.

Masha with friends.

Lena in the middle of discussion with Germans.

Lena and Germans.

Flyer of the event: "19.03.2006 Belarus waehlt in Berlin. Freie-Wahl-Party mit Live-Schaltung nach Minsk. Ab 19:30 Uhr in der Brotfabrik Caligariplatz/Prenzlauer Promenade 3 13086 Berlin. Organiziert von: Belarusy in Berlin"