Here is the most banal picture one can ever take in Kharkov. It's a view over the Blagoveschensky cathedral from the University hill.

Cupolas of the church situated on the territory of the Pokrovsky men monastery.

Sumskaya - the main street of Kharkov.

"Sovetskaya" subway station on the Constitution square.

"Our sausages are from the real meat" - bug ad banner on the Rosa Luxemburg square.

City hall and the EU flag in front of it.

Pushkinskaya street, next to the building of "Donugol" (Don-coal).

Biologist Ilya Mechnikov monument, installed on the opposite side of the street where the insitute named in his honour is located.

Pushkinskaya str, the Poetry square area.

Bank on the Poetry square.

Poetry square.

Old inscriptions (before 1917) on this building.

Small park on Sovnarkomovskaya str. Memorial site for the policemen who died fighting the criminality.

To whose who died fighting the criminality.

Remains of the last parlamentary elections. A tree near the post office on Chernyshevskogo str.

Rosa Luxemburg square.

Ad banners at the Armyansky lane.

Bursatsky spusk str.

Political ad on a wall of a building on Bursatsky spusk.

Monument to the 10th anniversary of Ukraine's independence on Rosa Luxemburg square.

Hawk and a McDonalds restaurant.

View over the university building (the further one) from Bursatsky spusk str.

Art market on the University hill.

Beginning of the Poltavsky shlyah str (former Sverdlov street).

Tram on Proletarskaya square.

Bridge over the Lopan' river.

Lopan' embankment.

The Lopan' river.

Suspension bridge near the Circus.


Subway exit of the "Geroyev truda" station, the neighbourhood of Saltovka.

"Saturn" store in Saltovka.

Beauty studio "Pafos".