Painter Nickolay Klyagin, my father, in his art studio. There is a complete block of studios in a separate building near the "23rd August" subway station in Kharkov.

Klyagin N.

Private houses seen from the windows of the studio.

Still lives.

Attributes for still lives.


Shelves with sketches.


Unfinished portrait.

Crimea sketch and my grandpa's portrait.

Decorative painting with cherries.

Country-side motive.

Konst's portrait in childhood.

Father's self-portrait in Louvre.

Young Konst on the map with an "Around the world" magazine.

Corridors of the art sudios building. Typical Soviet wall-clock, around 20 years old, just like the rest of the building's interior.



There are strict fire safety regulations in the building.

Such stickers can be seen on the door of each studio. Instead of "National painter" or "Professor of painting" they are all called "Responsible for fire safety".

Antonyuk V.I.

Kuzmenko A.F.

Karpova I.Y.

Makov P.K.

Kabysh I.E.

Wash-hand and a mirror in the painters' toilet.


This reminder in the toilet says: "Be a decent person".