This yard has quite a special meaning for me. It belongs to the hospital 13, whose maternity department brought me into this life. I assume, through this very gate my grandpa took me home on his "Moskvitch" car.

Lawyers 24/7. No toilet.

Picture #3

Picture #4



Picture #7

Hero's star.

Picture #9

Samerovsky pereulok 3.

Gipsy house.

Kravtsova pereulok, doing down to Klochkovskaya str.

A yeard in Samerovsky pereulok.



Water-pump. For some reason, the drops of water coming out of it are associated with a venerical disease.

Don't piss and shit under the barn" this inscription says.

Picture #18

"Piss there"

A yeard near a 5-floor living block somewhere between Zernovaya and Odesskaya streets. There is a very brutally looking tash-collector and a declaration of love written on it.