Shevchenko garden. Two girls, one is speaking on the phone.

Intersection between Mironositskaya and Chernyshevskogo streets.

Picture #3

Two ladies near the Opera theater.

Street at the Mirror Stream park. The guy in the car is selflessly picking his nose.

Student laides in the park on the University hill. The hill is called so, because the first budilings of the Kharkov Emperor University stood there.

Ladies in the same park, next to UZPI.

Lopan' embankment, benches in the park.

Two benches. A guy and two girls.

Art market on the University hill. A walking couple.

Spring souvenirs.

Matroshka seller.

Mirror Stream park: a sleeping couple.

Benches in the Mirror Stream park.

Shevchenko garden.

A group of African students in front of the Opera theater.

A cafe next to UZPI.

Two homeless dragging a railing to a metal buying-up.

Guys with beer on the embankment.

A man with beer at the subway's exit on Bursatsky.

Women with beer at the "Historical museum" subway station.

A homelessly looking girl on Kostyurinsky pereulok.

Picture #23

Picture #24

Picture #25

Picture #26

Picture #27

My school class-mates Lyuda, Marianna and Misha.

Party with former class-mates.

Konst and his beloved grandma. Vacuum-cleaning :)

The remote for my Canon EOS 300D camera made my grandma laugh. I pressed the button and the camera made pictures on its own.