Picturesque mountain peisages on approaching Geneve.


Rays of light through the clouds.

The water in the Geneve lake, just like in the rest of the country's rivers, has a very interesting color, almost like the sea.


Buildings with banks and hotels.

Flower clock.

There are some big birds flying all over Switzerland. If you raise the sight, they can be seen not only in the country, but also over citizes like Geneve.

Swiss watch.

A smiley tashcan.


Fountain in the lake can be seen from the streets of the old downtown.

A public phone, the fountain and an old Swiss lady.

Fountain and yachts.

The Jet d'Eau fountain installed in the center of the lake, lifts the water on the 140 meter height. It can even be seen from the plane flying 10 km above the lake.

It's possible to come closer to the lake. To get wet, just like we did :)

This pipe throws 500 liters of water per second. The speed is 200 km/h. The first fountain was installed here in the lake Geneve in 1886. The actual variant was built in 1951.

Lighthouse on the fountain's platform.

Lighthouse with mountains and buildings on the background.


This inscription in a very correct Russian calls people to buy the local speciality - chocolate without sugar.

Sparrow on the embankment.

Swan in the Geneve lake.

Swan's butt, when it's trying to get something from the lake's bottom.

Road along the lake.

Geneve embankment.

Red tourist train.

Statue with a butt.

House in the park.

Park, vase and mountains.

Picture #31

Panorama behind the lake.