Left-wing youth meeting in Kreuzberg. Kreuzberg is a borough in Berlin with mostly Turkish population. On the banners there are slogans in German as well as in Turkish.

The meeting is watched by the guys from the Anti-konflikt team of the police.

Youngsters with red flags.


Kotbusser Tor.

A man in the crowd on MyFest in Kreuzberg.

A Turkish mother with children looking at the festivities from the window.

Kreuzberg ladies.


In the crowd.

A street in Kreuzberg: GDF flag on the balcony.


Children on the statue.

German lady with a phone.

Girl with ribbons.

Young people in the park.


Mauerpark: guitar-players.

A young photographer in Mauerpark.


Down the stairs.

Konst with a monitor frame.


We've found a similarity and took a picture.

A fast-food place. Hidden in the depths of Mauerpark, it's on the bridge over the former checkpoint between the two Berlins.

Graffiti and a washing machine with the Antifa emblem.


For the communism.


Die Welt news-paper advertisment.

Car next to the Brandenburg Gate. The plate next to it says "Germany, land of ideas".

Giant automobile.

Berlin bear.