The Tempelhof airport was built in 1923. In the 30s it was reconstructed by Albert Speer's project to become the main airport of the Nazi Germany. In 1945 the airport was taken up by the Soviet troops. During the West-Berlin blockade in 1948 it was used to deliver food and goods. Currently not a lot of flights go through the airport. There is a plan to completely close it.

Commentator of the show, sitting in a helicopter.

Visitors with children.

In the information tents there were flags of the participating countries for free. Some of the visitors took really a lot of them and put them into the ground like a vegetable garden.


German flags garden.

German fans.

A fat guy with camera.

Above this field the flights were exectured.

Plane preparing to make a manoevure between pilons.

Picture #11

Picture #12

Picture #13

Hungarian pilot Peter Besenyei.

Face of the Hungarian pilot on the monitor. The camera is installed inside the cabin.

Plane flying between the Red Bull ad pilons.

Picture #17

Going up after the manoevre.

The Dutch plane is going to take off.

Security guy.

Photographers on the press-stage.

An amateur photographer taking pictures of planes through the bars.

Malteser service guys.

Lady with lips and decolte selling t-shirts with the show logos.

Girl selling Red Bull drinks.

The info tent where the free flags were given out.

Indian fast-food lady.

The betandwin promo staff member Agnieszka from Poland.

Agnieszka at the terminal.