Embankment, Azov sea, sea-port and the pavillion.

Invariable Lenin monument at the square on the sea-front.

Stone beach, a big dipper and Khruschov-time blocks on the embankment.

Here is the old amusement park. The so called 3rd beach is right behind the park.


Summer stage.

Dog on a gas station.

"Bullhead the feeder", monument of the little fish, used to save people of the hungry death during the hard times.

Pushkin monument. I like this one especially since the roll in his hand looks like a bottle.

Statue of a sanitary technician, coming out from a hatch. There is a place for a cigarette in his mouth and the tourists usually put one there.

Sanitary technician.

Remains of the Berdyansk's industry. When I was shooting these buildings with my big camera, a worker from the nearby gas station came to me and said: "right, you should shoot all this for your news-paper". Well, we have no news-paper so far, but still there is the Internet.

Fire-fighting tools.

Performance of the Berdyansk dance group called "Cascade" at the festival of children and teenage creativity.

Picture #15

Picture #16

This dance was especially cool. It was performed to a song in German called "Mitternacht" (Midnight).

Picture #18

Spectators of the festival under the Lenin monument. The stage was installed right on the sea-front square.

Children having fun in front on the stage.

Little girl trying to mimic the dance of the teenage girls on the stage.

Picture #22

Picture #23


Picture #25

These children sang the real song for the immigrant heart about Ukraine. I could hardly resist.

Picture #27

Picture #28

Katya, daugther of my old friend Alexey who lives in Berdyansk.