Konst with the grandma before flying back to Berlin.

As I was visiting my father at his workshop, a neighbour of him came to borrow some paint. The famous Kharkov artist called Stepan Illarionovich Pismennyi introduced himself as grandpa Stepan. He was born in 1923, graduated in 1955. Despite of the age, he's a very dynamic old guy, full of life, speaking mostly of women.

Two artists: grandpa Stepan and my father, Nickolay Klyagin.

Going from Berdyansk to Zaporozhye. Road by Tokmak.

The road.

Strange pipe in the middle of fields.

Potato field.

Tree, field and clouds.

Almost a photo for the "Homeland nature" album.

Field. Somewhere far away it's raining.

A cloud.

The departure waiting room of the Borispol international airport in Ukraine. Since quite a while I wanted to take picture of this old Soviet bas-relief.

A girl from the models agency on a football stuff promotion at the duty-free shop in Borispol.

The second girl. With the occasion of the World Cup they offer football-related prizes for those those who buy for mnore than 70 euro at the duty-free shop. She confessed what prizes certain cards get, so she tries to give bear toys to the children and balls to adults. This red-haired girl said she's happy to see when people win what they want.