During the World Cup the Ukrainian team was based in Potsdam, near Berlin. Here, on the Luisenplatz square, the fan-city was built. There was a stage where press conferences were held, and many pavillions with Ukrainian food and "Obolon" beer for 2.50 eur half a liter.

"Obolon" and a German guy with beer.

Brandenburg Gate in Potsdam, the stage and the head of a football fan speaking on the phone.

Fan city.

My friends' daughter Diana with a Ukrainian flag.


Ukrainian girls Dzvinka from Lviv (on the left) and Anya from Chernivtsy.


Fan with a flag.

Oligarch-like people on the second floor of the restaurant.

Flag saying "I am a patriot".

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, the frontman of the <a href="http://www.okeanelzy.com/">Okean Elzy</a> band.

Press conference: Vakarchuk and Surkis, the president of the <a href="http://ffu.org.ua/">football federation of Ukraine</a>.

Petya Chernyavsky and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk from <a href="http://www.okeanelzy.com/">Okean Elzy</a>, Grigory Surkis on the right.

Press conference: Chernyavsky, Vakarchuk, Surkis and Elich.

Vakarchuk without sun-glasses.

Vakarchuk and Surkis shaking hands. My colleague from Lviv said it was an absolutely unbelievable from the political point of view. The point is that Vakarchuk sang on the Maidan to support the "Orange revolution", while Surkis with his SDPU party represented the opposite "blue-white" camp.


Press conference in Potsdam: Glinin, Chernyavsky, Vakarchuk and Surkis.


Vakarchuk making gestures.

Andriy with girls from the Ukrainian football federation.

Konst with the girls.

Brief "Okea Elzy" concert: Vakarchuk the front-man.

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Picture #26

Okean's fans at the stage.

Okean Elzy's guitarist Denis Dudko.


Picture #30

Andriy having fun at the stage.

Picture #32


Picture #34