Croatia-Japan game, fans in front of the screen.

Japanese fans.

These girls support Croatia.

Hrvatska. Nice tattoo.


A guy with an Albanian flag at the screen.

Sand sculpture: 4 German trainers.

They put a big crane on the fan mile. One can do bungee-jumping from it for the price of 35 euro. This Brasilian fan jumped screaming "Brasil!".


Picture #10

One more jumper.

A couple who jumped together.

Konst with Lyuba and Lucy.

Start of the game Brasil vs Australia.

Fans in front of the screen at the fan mile.

A German fan looking like a football ball.

Brasilian girl.

A Brasilian girl with tits.

Taking pictures with painted Brasilian ladies.


Brasilian football player mascot.

The statues have eyes too.

Go Brasil!

Fans from Ecuador.


Cameraman and a photo amateur policeman.

Policemen taking pictures of each other.

Brasilians are happy.