Cologne's central railway-station is situated on the square where the Cathedral is. On the stairs there are English fans.

Airship over the square with the Cathedral.

An den Dominikaner street.

Picture #4

Picture #5

Bridge over Rhine, view from near the water.



Rhine from the ropeway.

Bridge and a barge.

One of the bridges in the night.

Love your city.


Many stories are plugged in here.


Brasilian on stairs.

Street statue.

Another statue, painting himself.

Girl and a t-shirt.

An Asian reporter making a reportage for her channel. All commentaries from Cologne are traditionally shot with the Cathedral in background.

Mexican TV shooting a reportage in the night, after their team won the match. So that the Cathedral can be seen better, they put an empty Coca-cola box under the reporter.

Welcome in Ukrainian.

Before the storm.

Picture #24

From the hotel window.