"Mirror stream" - the visit card of Kharkov. I had to start with it.

Shevchenko monument in the park called the same way. They say, in 30-s it won the all-USSR competition of the statues of the poet.

A monument with a ball built for fans of the Kharkov "Metallist" team.

The Constitution square: a pair of buldings and the synagog.

A building with shops near the Costitution square.

Uspensky cathedral.

Blagoveschensky cathedral: the view from the University hill.

View from the University hill embrasing a wider area.

Tanks near the historical museum.

Tanks and a monument which is traditionally called The Refrigirator by kharkovites.

The Libery square and the Gosprom building.

The regional executive comitee.

Intersection of the Pushkinskaya and Krasina streets.

The South railway station of Kharkov.

The railway administrative building and a small square near it.

The city council.

The place where painters sell their masterpieces.

Olminsky street. If you look attentively, you can see a guy throwing snow from the roof.

A sea of ice. A real winter and bad city government which cannot provide good ice cleaning for the city.

The Polytechnical university: block U1.

The Polytechnical university: block U2.

The Polytechnical university: the monument of the young Lenin.

Polytechnical uni: electrical block.

A view on the university territory from a not-so-clean window of the U1 block.

The "Zhili-byli" cafe: two ladies sitting near us. The "Not for press" position.