Street eat stand.

Street eat seller, giving food in a plastic bag to a customer. Surprizingly, the Lonely planet guide for Thailand said one can eat anything on the street in Thailand. However, the same publishing house in their guid for Istanbul warned the reader of certain kinds of street food there.

Patpong night market. Piles of fake copies of famous brands. One can buy a pair of jeans for $10.

Fake stuff sellers usually describe their goods as "real fake".

Real fake stands.

A 7-eleven shop at Patpong market.

Patpong is famous not only for its huge markets. It's also a well-known red lights district. On this picture a tout is asking a European-looking tourist to visit a go-go bar.

This girls looks like she desperately needs this t-shirt.

Sunglasses and two guys in the mirror.

Stand with sunglasses and backpacks.

Patpong's red lights: table at a go-go bar entrance and a signboard saying "Super Pussy".

Scooter, a girl and a stand with swimwear.

Parked motorbikes at a restaurant.

Floating market Damnoen Saduak, about 100 km from Bangkok: a boatman in one of many canals.

Vendors on the floating market.

Boat and a stand at the water.


Boatman with a oar.

Vendors cut and peel fruits right on spot.

A boat loaded with hats.

Hats of hay and other sutff.