A small spirit house at the limestone mountaion we came to climb.

Before one start to climb up the stairs, they see monkeys. Like this one.

Monkey doing traditional Thai "wai" salutation.

Monkey: this climb is hard!

Stairs that lead to the temple complex on the top.

Oleg made pictures in such position.

Stupas along the stairs.

In the middle of the climb there is such a thing with statues staring afar.

Stairs and other up-walkers.

Picture #10

It's very hot and humid on the stairs.

View over the place.

Finally, the temple complex.

Mountain outskirts.

Konst looking over the place.

Whichever temple in Thailand one wants to enter, he has to take off his shoes first.

Temple complex on the top of the mountain: platform and a big Buddah statue.

Platform and surrounding green mountains.

Buddah statue.

Green snakes at the basis of the statue.

Blue-faced atlantes at basis of the statue.


Bell that one has to ring when making a wish.

Girl lighting a candle.

Picture #25

Picture #26

Picture #27

Picture #28

Picture #29

Tattooed monk, who came to clean up.

Monk with a broom.

Monk, sweeping.

Picture #33

Konst on the stairs: how many stairs are there?