Mu Ko Similan Island. One of the island's highlights is this rock formation called the Sail Rock because of its shape.

Water, the Sail Rock and people on the top. One can relatively easily climb up there. We did that too (with a photo-camera).

Beach on Mu Ko Similan.

Vegetation and fine coral sand.


Wash phases.

Picture #7

View over the bay and the beach from above.

A view on the other side of the rock over anothe island of the archipelago.

Stone conglomeration that goes from Mu Ko Similan into the sea.

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Picture #12


Picture #14

The way up to the Sail Rock consists of such ropes and ladders.

Another wooden ladder.

The beach, seen from the Sail Rock.

Phuket island, beach in Patong after rain.

A palm-tree and its reflection on the asphalt.

Russian restaurant and a talking guide. Patong beach, Phuket.

Rolled up umbrellas and other beach stuff in the evening.

Evening on the beach.

Konst climbing up to the Sail Rock.

Picture #24

Evening at a restaurant in Patong.

Picture #26