A view on the Unirii boulevard with a small park near it.

A miner monument in front of the prefecture building.

The Miner. "Noroc bun" means "good luck", a traditional miners' greeting before going into mine. Under the miner there is a communist emblem.

Mayor's office.

The Sasar river.

Stairs in the Sasar river.

A view on the Bucuresti street from the syndicates' house of culture.

The Romanian warrior monument in park.

The Romanian warrior monument in park. Another view.

The city park: hills.

A house near the park, in the past it was arranged especially for Ceausescu's visits to the region.

The museum of village (muzeul satului): examples of village houses brought from whole the region.

Sunset, view from hill near the park.

An old tree and the sky.

A park near the railway station.

An Orthodox church.

The "Mara" hotel in the downtown.

A view on the Unity boulevard (Bd. Unirii) from the highest floor of the "Maramures" shop.

A Catholic church in the downtown.


Sunset how it looks like from my balcony.

Greenhouse. Colors are twised by the windows in the "BCR" bank building.

Junction of the Republic and Traian streets.

Regional pension fund.

Here you can see how the live webcam mounted on the Revolution square looks like. In order to see the cam page itself, click <a href="http://www.canal7.ro/webcam/" target=_blank>here</a>.

A big flag in front of the mayor's office.

The mayor's office flag.

The "Elders council" (sfatul batranilor) monument.

A mounment of the famous opera writer Ion Luca Caragiale in the city park.