A tree with flowers near the Eminescu college.


Alley near the "Carpati" (Carpathians) hotel.

A monument.

Square with a fountain in the center of the city.

The fountain at a closer look.

Cats on a roof.

Sunset as it looks from my balcony.

Sky with clouds.

The "Mara" hotel in the night.

A road after reparations. Nothing strange?

Look where the column is :)

An installation of flowers in front of the mayor's office.



A square in the rays of sunset.

Alley in the central park, which gradually becomes a forest on the hill.

Entrance to a dark dungeon.

Hobbits live here.

Sunset through the trees.

Path in the central park.


Looks like an excercise of the practice of ass-breathing :)

Carpathian forest.




A piece of forest.

Quite a desolated house on the hill. In background, looking attentively, it's possible to see the city.

It's nice to have a small house in the country.

Connection lost.

An attempt of macro shot. A flower.

A view on the hills.