Light step. The old center district, and a nice Romanian girl.

A summer evening in the old center area.

An old building of Austro-Hungarian style.

A shop. The site does not exist :)


Sasar river.

A pin tree near a building.

A very wild (salbatic) chestnut. The inscription says that its age is about 200 years. The photo is not very smooth, since my hands were trebmling a bit, as usual.

The "Gheorghe Sincai" lyceum.

A pin tree near the lyceum.

An entrance to the "village museum".

A traditional house.

Another traditional house.

A modern house. The guy who lives here musn't be poor at all ;)

The alive and the dead as neighbours.

Revolution square and the "Bucharest" hotel.

A fountain in front of the hotel.

Gipsy boys taking bath in the fountain. When I came near them, they asked me "mister, please take a photo of us". Well, it wasn't diffciult for me, so I took one :)

Virgin Mary.