That's how the sky looked before the leave. Though it wasn't able to crush obstinacy of seasoned travellers such as your sincerelly.

On the way from Dej to Suceava. Carpathians.

Carpathian views.


Mountains somewhere near a small station.

The train turns round.

Entrance to a tunnel in the mountains. The shot was made from the last coach.

Villages on slopes.


Mountains and a forest.

That's how Carpathian landscapes look from train.

Forest and a small village.

On the move. A mountain and a house.

Mountain and a village.




Small village and a gipsy wagon.

Ukraine, the country's main airport Borispol (Boryspil'). Entrance.

Our "Kiev-Kharkov" autobus reflection in the glasses of the flight waiting room. If you look attentively you can notice the reflection of yours sincerelly with a camera in the left bottom corner.

Piryatin, a town near Kiev.


Here you can see what it was indeed. Trashcan, car reparations ad, and the shop itself.

Bus station in Lubny.


Horol. A small hole somewhere on the way from Kiev to Kharkov.

Bus station in Poltava.