Very early morning. Sunflowers.

Misha's portrait in the side-mirror.


Road. Cars passing by.


Car reparations shop and a cafe near the road.

Cafe's interior. Quite decent.

The same cafe.

Sunrise, how it looked liked from the road.

Sunrise and a column.


Another shot of sunrise.

Road early in the morning.

Syringe on a road-side. Insuline?


Day already broke.

Further way.



Self-portrait in sunglasses. I mean, in the reflection.

Shop in some hole on the way.

A look from behind flowers on the road. Looks like Byelorussian number plate.

Translated from Ukrainian: "poor man's way". Funny locality name.

Late cars.

Coming nearer the peninsula.

The train is overtaking us.

Sivash bay.

Announcement about the entrance tax for the peninsula.

Funny shop name. The first letter disappeared. Dzhankoy, Crimea. Scary town.

Our car being repaired. We hardly found someone who would replace a minor detail in our "Ford". Dzhankoy.

Cat at car reparations.

Beginning of the mountain part of Crimea.