Approaching the reserve.

Ruins of ancient walls.

A piece of a wall of Khersones.


Trace on the reserve territory. Seagull taking off.


Remains of houses of Khersones citizens.

Remains of buildings and a new church on which opening Putin, Kuchma and Luzhkov came.

Remains and the church.

Beach of the Khersones reserve territory. Stones are all around, my feet hurt after going up and done them. And because of the stones in the water it's possible to not come out at all.

Seashore in Khersones.

Ruins of ancient houses.

Remains of a building with columns.


House with stairs.

Remains and the new church.


Column with an approaching thunderstorm on background.



A remained entrance to the building with columns.


More remains of buildings.


Ancient columns.

Another view on the columns.

Door. Blocked.

A building near Khersones. Near it there are practicing students who live in tents. Looks like there were kharkovites among them.