A banner at the entrance to Balaklava. It says that the locality will turn 2500 years in September 2004.

Central street.

The guy whose name this street is called after had a really funny lastname. Kalich in Ukrainian means something like freak.

Bay with a berth.

Yahts on the berth.

The berth and a pice of embankment.

The opposide to the berth shore.

Trace of the boat.

A construction with the "no mooring" inscription.

The shore opposed to the berth.

Genoese stronghold on a mountain slope.

Exit from Balaklava bay. Lesya Ukrainka's house. Modest and with a good taste. Though, the shape in remained in wasn't good.

Entrance to submarine repairs docks.

Entrance to the bay from the open sea.

Mountain view.

Mountains and people on the boat.

A view through netting.


Genoese stronghold and houses under the hill it's placed on.


Genoese stronghold in fog.

Stronghold and the sky.

Hill with the stronghold. One more view.


Food for people of mountains.

Fishes in the water. Shot from the berth.


One more shot with fishes.

A street-light on the embankment in Balaklava.