Black sea in a sunny day.

The sea and a trace after a boat going between Balaklava and beaches.

The boat called "Saturn".

On the exit from Balaklava bay.

One more cutter in the sea.


The trace left by the boat when going backwards.

The same trace with bigger zoom. Looks very similar to marble.

Moving away from Balaklava bay.

Mountain view from the sea.

Just a view near Balaklava.

Near one of the beaches.

The mountain called "sleeping beauty". Locals say if you look attentively you can see a face of a lady laying on the back, and there are other parts of the body also. But I think they've got a good imagination, for I couldn't see nothing except for nose :)

So-called "gold beach" and a pier on it.

Entrance to the pier from the beach side.


The "Sleeping beauty" mountain in the morning.

Cutter in the sea. View from a mountain slope.

Sunset is coming.


Stones on the shore.

Inscription on a stone saying "Misha I love you". The name of the class-mate we were travelling with was exactly Misha. I told him someone knew about his coming.

Crab on a stone under the water.


Trees on the slopes and the sea.


Mountain plants and a web.

Precipice above the sea.

That's how the local flora looked like.

A clear menora.



Lotta flora and a path.

Tents town. Not just a town, for there was a real tents megapolic in that part of the forest.

Calm sea, view from behind trees.

Cicada on a branch. There are thousands of the insects on the slopes. Souting and singing like someone wanted to murder them.

Human beings were here :(

Before the storm.

Lady meditating on the shore under the rain.


Tree on a slope.


St. George monastery. Under it there is another picturesque place with a beach.

This is how the place called "800 stairs" looks like. Really, in order to come down to the beach you have to overpass all 800 of them. And this is how it looked from the very top, were the beginning of the stairs was.

Going down to the beach. Here it's possible to see a rock in the sea and a cross on the top of it. It's quite easy to reach the rock swimming.

Beach near the St. George monastery.


View on the cross through the trees.

Looking to the right.


Rock behind the trees.

Tree on the beach.

Rock which the mountains from the beach have has such an interesting structure.

"Forbidden zone" and "stay back" inscriptions.

Beach. View on the rock with the cross.

Just pebble on the beach.

Rocks and flora.

Here you can see a mountain of another type. It's made of so-called blue loam. They say it's curative. Looked like a usual mus to me, but there were a lot of people who soiled theirselves with it. I was having fun of them saying something like "lady, you've got whole your back dirty".

Sea view from the mountain of loam.


Loamy mountain.



Sea in the fog. The horizon can be hardly seen.

Sea slashing on a stone.

Sea in the evening.

Seagulls and stones.

Sunset in Crimea.

Mountains in the rays of sunset.

Seashore panorama in the evening.



Sunset one more time. The water looked very interesting.

Sunset on the beach which is decorated with plastic bags sticked into pebble.

Sun is already behind the mountain.

Sunset sky and a mountain.


Sunset sky in orange tones.