Entrance to the desolated docks when formerly the Soviet submarines were repaired. They look like a lot of branched corridors and rooms with the walls of concrete, and also the dock where submarines used to enter. Everything was built under a mountain, and there are another 200 meters of rock above.

Corridor leading to the dock.

The same corridor. On the wall it's possible to see a reflection of a very powerful lantern we took with us.


Remains of some device that marauders couldn't take out.

This is the dock. It's very dark, but it's possible to see something here. To the right there is a walk the personell is used to get around. To the left there is water, the place were a submarine entered, the gate was closed, the water pumped out, and reparations begun.

Vault in the dock.

Devices on the margin of the pool.

Remains of devices.

Piles above the water.




There are a lot of such holes in the floor. Under them in the water there are various pin of metal. On this picture there is one of underwater pins lighted with lantern.


One more hole in the floor.

A piece of the wall.

Once of corridors.

Some metal stuff under the ceiling.

Remains of a device.

Elevator well. The elevator itself looks to be taken out a while ago.

The bottom part of the gate.

Misha and Andrey caught a crab and trying to get a macro shot of it.

Stairs to the water.

Dock's wall.

Space between platforms and the water.

Some stairs or something.


Door in open and rusty state.

One more stuff hanging under the ceiling in the dock.

Looks like morring was tied up to these bars.

Shelves in a box.


The box itself.

Stairs leading straight into the water.

Partition in the dock.

Bridge and some devices on it.

Another corridor.