Entrance to the museum.


Roman-catholic church called Bazilika.

Church's interior.

Church from inside.

Building with arcs called "Sirul canonicilor".


The polyclinic building and a street-lamp.

Angel sculpture near a church.



Building on the pedestrian street in the downtown.

Entrance to one of courtyards. Here you can see the typical Austrian architecture. Courtyards are always inside, and in order to get to them you always have to pass a doorway.

One more building on the pedestrian street.

Looks like I'm being lucky with gipsies who ask me to take pictures of them. This girl came near the cafe we were sitting at with an Albanian friend of mine drinking beer. The photo is rather dark, but anyway it's possible to see her really amazing black eyes. Behind her there is a part of the street indicator saying "str. Moscovei" (Moscow street).

Angel on one of the buildings.

Building in the city center.

Statue in front of the theatre.

Entrance to the theatre.

Ensemble of buildings on the square in front of the theatre.

Square in front of the theatre.

The city center: bridge on the Crish river.

View from the bridge.

Building of some bank.

Thermal springs Felix: lotus flowers.


Flowers and leaves of lotuses.


There are small fishes in the water the lotuses grow from.

One more flower-bed on the water.

Fountains on the Felix complex territory.

Street indicator specifying the direction towards "1 mai" springs.

Pool on the "1 mai" springs.

"1 mai"

A hotel in the "1 mai" area.

Bench and a fountain.

One more pool. This one is a little different, for there is a device which generates waves, so it's nice to swim in such a stuff. And there are lotta people.