Side for skating, rolling and bycycling on the entrance to the park.

Children rolling.

Sportsmen and supporters.

Fountains near the park's main entrance.


An old guy in running shoes and with a hangover.

The main alley of the Youth's park.

A stone in rememberance of victims of smoking. The text on it says the following: "In memory of 60.000.000 people who died because of smoking between 1950 and 2000. In sign of the protest against smoking cigarettes, which is the cause of 50 diseases killing 8.000 people daily. With the hope that this number will decrease as fast as possible."

One of side-alleys of the park.


Fountain and kids.

Fountain and a kid.

Old lady adopting some roses.


Lake: willows, shore and water lilies on the water.

Water lilies.

Alexander caressing a puppy.


Inscription here says: "attention to the train". The width of the railway can be compared to the man standing on it. It was children's railway some time ago. Unfortunatelly now it doesn't work.

Robot, like they were painted in 70-80-ties. It was really a real robots-craze those years everywhere.

Just like X-Files: forest and aliens with a rocket.

The inscription says it's forbidden to litter and to fish here ;)


Lake-side and willow-trees.

A willon on the lake-side.

A small bridge going to an island in the lake.


Opposite side.

One more view.

Logs with green leaves in the water.

Bridge above the lake.

Autumn tree.

Yellow leaves.

A bench.


Cool cars.