Stand near the "Aurel Vlaicu" metro station.

A banner above the road on calea Victoriei.

Poster on a column near the mayor's office of the 1st sector of Bucharest.

The Victory square (piata Victoriei), the government house with two big banners on its both sides. They say "Yes to the Constitiution, Yes to Europe".

A banner on the government house.

Poster on a column.

Posters in the subway.

Agitation papers that everyone could take in the subway.

The other side.

Booklets that were distributed in the subway.

The back side of the booklet with some text.

Posters that were everywhere at the North railway-station.

The North railway-station: a poster made by opponents of the new Constitution. Their posters are glued on the top of the original ones made by the government.