Arrival: the railway-station of Sinaia.

Memorial plaque on the "Paltinis" hotel building, saying that in during the WW2 American prisones received care in here.

Hotel with the plaque.

Entrance to "Paltinis".

Flags on the hotel building. To the left apart from others there are Ukrainian and Russian ones.

A street phone :)

The upper side of the town: street and private houses.

The elevator in action.

A bridge on some pond.

A cubed street.

Texture of the cubes.

Private houses area, a look from upside.

Firs and houses.


Dropping water.

Water and a pipe.


A dog near the entrance to one of the houses.


Dog under a tree.

A fir, a fence and someone's house.

What I like most in Sinaia is the Midieval style all around. Even this garage made of stones.

A path.

A closer look to the elevator cabin.

Cabin looking like a UFO.

The cabin is coming to the land.



Entrance to the city park.

A pedestal. It says (not seen to well), that there is an immortal one, a great man, whose status though was erected on expenses of his own family. He's great because in 1911 for some reason went to Rome walking. When I asked "Where is the man?" (the pedestal is empty), the answer came by itself - "left for Rome".

The city park, fountain and museum.

Konst is adhering to an embarrassed bronze nymph.


Electric substation. Made of stone, the same nice style again.


The theatre building.

Cemetery of heroes of the first WW.

"Unknown Romanian soldier"

Romanian millitaries.

"German heroes, for their Homeland"

Grave of a subleutenant.

Sinaia monastery.

An ad of some mountans-extreme-event.

A chapel under the cabin cable which we found during our last visit. But because of the poor quality of the old shots, I decided to take some new pictures of it.

Stairs descending to the chapel.

An interesting emblem.

A side view.


Inside the chapel.

The other window.

Stairs and the emblem.

The chapel how it looks like from a distance.