There is a mountain river along to the way towards the castle. The river is artificially slowed by small dams. On this picture there is the upper part of the mechanism used to pull down the lock.

Wheel of the mechanism and some cafes at the entrance to the reserve.

The river which is going all along the way towards Peles.

Peles regal castle.


Front view.

Castle's tower.

Peles courtyard: a window and paintings.

Fountain in the castle courtyard.

Status looking to the forest.

One more statue.

The castle with mountains on background.

The castle how it looks from one of the lower terraces.

Monument of king Carol I during whose rule the castle was built.

All the lion statues in Peles appearance have their eyes popped strangely.

Fountains with satyres.

Lion with a shield and with pooped eyes.

One of entrances to smaller Pelisor castle. Having smaller dimensions, it was used as a living residence by the regal family.

Fountain in front of Pelisor.

A cannon next to an entrance to of the budildings on the reservation territory.

Another cannon.