Special economic zone "Reni".

The inscription on this wall says: "Reni - the city of big hopes"

Reni - the city of big holes, erm, hopes.

Crane in the port of Reni.

Entrance to the port in Reni.

Sea port in Reni.

Lake on the way from Rani to Izmail.

Sarata, Odessa area.

A piece of Moldova of several kilometers length, situated between Ukraine and Romania. On the banner there is a description of some oil terminal project.

Turning to Giurgiulesti, Moldova.

Danube, state border area.


Port in Odessa. Dark rainy evening.

Galati. A funny installation, the lamp broke the most of it though. The point is that on the postament there is a dog too - the she-wolf, who brought up Romul and Rem. In front of the dog that is seen well here, there are benches that look just like bones :)

Galati. Lights in front of the dramatic theatre.

Dramatic theathre of Galati.

Galati. Park with stairs going down to the road toward railway-station. Street-lights.