The famous Casa Poporului -- the second biggest building in the world, in the night.

Str. Amzei. Inscriptions on the wall of a building.

Facade of the building with inscriptions.

Building in one of the downtown's intersections.

Str. Doctor Felix. Works at the entrace on the territory of some institution.

Foggy night, view from the window on my block.

Foggy city in the night.

Cloudy, view from the window with jalousie.

Cloudy weather, view through a misted over glass.

Cloudy Bucharest.


One of the numerous bridges over Dambovita.

Building on calea Victoriei.

Lights' reflection in Dambovita near piata Unirii.

"The Daemon Place" club. Table stylized as a coffin.

A shop window with a black doll. I saw this for the first time here.

Tudor Vladimirescu statue on str. Mihail Eminesuc.

A page of the menu of the "Sun Temple" Chinese restaurant that is situated on str. Eminescu.

Failed parking. Actually this is a car I unexpectedly saw walking along Titulescu street in Bucharest, which I live on.


Bucharest subway, "Piata Unirii" station. This graffity says "Everything will be fine" in.. Ukrainian. That's rather unexpected :)

I wonder what kind of animals are not allowed to the Bucharest subway. Whether they are dogs or cows.

Ad of the Ukrainian vodka called "Nemiroff".

I wouldn't buy air tickets there..

See yourself. Menu in a Chinese restaurant.

Dead car.