Dances in "Joy" club on Petrovsky str.

A building on Pushkinskaya str.

Bas-relief on Chernyshevsky str.

An alley in Mirror Stream park.

New Year petards exploded by Konst.

New Year table.

Monument of communist youth - heros of the Great Patriotic War.

Yurec on the New Year party.

Alley with busts of communist youth heroes.

Mirror Stream in the winter.

Sumskaya str.

Shevchenko theatre on Sumskaya str.

Monument of Kvitka-Osnovyanenko on the same-called street.

A backstreet somewhere near Kotlov str.

Sports complex "Avangard" near Kotlov str.

Exposition in Painter's house. Konst and Yevgen (that's how the sculpture is called). Above Konst, there is a painting by his father, made in Crimea.

Yevgen in a cap.

Piece of interior from the central market.

Sumskaya str. near "University" metro station.

Snow-covered trees on Ivanov str.

Junction of Ivanov and Pushkinskaya str.

Pharmaceutical academy on Pushkinskaya.

Building under construction on Pushkinskaya str. opposite to "Gigant" dorms. As far as I know it is going to be palace of culture of juridical academy.

New Year tree on Liberty square.

Liberty square in the days before the NY.

Way out from a courtyard of a block on Frunze str.

Football monument in Shevchenko park.

Shevchenko monument.

Sumskaya str. opposite to the monument of Shevchenko.

Bridge and supermarket "Billa" in the central market area.

Embankment near the central market.

Bursatsky slope.

Poetry park: back of Gogol's head.

Poetry park: back of Pushkin's head.

Poetry square.

Liberty square at 3am on the 1st January 2004. Cleaning up the mess.

Shop closed on the 1st January. Like many others.

Monument of Ukrainian writer Kostubinsky, covered with snow a little. It looks like on the head of the famous writer someone put a Jewish cap. However, it's no wonder, fotunatelly the synagog is nearby :)

Inscriptions at the bottom of the Lovers monument at "Beketov" metro station.

One more perspective on the Lovers.

The Lovers.

The Mirror Stream in the night.

Railway station square, fir-tree and the building of the south railway head office.

Railway station square and a fir-tree.

South railway station.

Various things on the railway station square.

Railway station and mini-train.