Romanian peasant's museum on Kiseleff str.

Museum entrance.


Ovidiu's monument in Kiseleff park.

Triumphal arch built in honour of victory in the WWI.

Triumphal arch.

Triumphal arch: closer look.

Walking in Herestrau park, I was very surprised to see a monument with a very familiar face. When I came closer the suspicion was confirmed. It was Taras Shevchenko, there is even an inscription in Cyrillic.

Strange fallic figure in Herestrau.

The House of Press. Two vagabonds appeared in front of me when I started to take shots. As to the building itself, it was a gift from USSR and represents a copy of Moscow State University.

House of Press, a view from Herestrau.

The House of Press and a monument in front of it. That one is called "junction with Europe".

Junction with Europe: closer look.

Here you can see the title.

Panoramic view of the House of Press.

If you're attentive, you can notice a communist emblem with hammer and sickle.

Office of "Adevarul" (truth) news-paper.


Emblems on the building.

One more emblem.

Architectural thingies.

The main tower how it looks like from the courtyard.

The House of Press courtyard.

Passage with colons in the left wing.

Entrance. A list of editorials whose offices reside here.

Exactly when I was taking another shot this guy appeared out of the door and looked at me suspiciously. However, he said nothing.


Buildings behind the House of Press.

Mansion of the ruling PSD (soial-democrats) party of Romania on Kiselseff str.