A funny ad if you speak Russian.


A building on the Unirii bvld., previously called Victoria Socialismului.

Bd. Unirii, in the end of which you can see the Parliament building.

Flags in front of Cercul militar national.

Cercul militar national.

Cercul militar national.

Cercul militar national, one more sight.

Welders on a McDonalds.

Cismigiu park. First flowers of spring.

An alley in Cismigiu park.

A fountain-like thing of stone.


Some rare platan-tree.

A monument of a writer and his female fan. When I grow big the same will be erected in my honour.


A lady in a dry fountain.


Yellow flowers.

That's how the yellow spring flowers look like from near.

White flowers.

At the exit from the park.

Some administrative building opposite to the entrance of Cismigiu.

The Senate and a strange dude of metal in front of it.

The dude in front of the Senate.

Revolution square and the cross in memory of anti-communist heroes.

An interesting building with old bottom and modern-looking top. Let's see what it will be when it's finished.

Ateneul roman (the Romanian Ateneu).

The Ateneu, a closer look.

An elegance house with an interesting name.

Magheru bvld and the "Ciclop" shop.

One more building on Magheru.

On the roof of a building on one of the central streets there are someone's washed clothes.