The main alley of the cemetery.

Graves on the sides of the central alley.

Dimitrie Cosmescu family. I don't know who they are, it was just a bit different monument. It looked like it was really old, but actually it's only from 1969.

1969 burial.

Romanian millitary memorial.

This inscription says: "Ethernal glory to Romanian soldiers who sacrificed theirselves for the national existance, for the independence and integrity of the Fatherland".

A crypt on the millitary part of Ghencea cemetery.

Nicolae Ceasescu. Not the one yet, but someone of his relatives with the same first name. Hold on a moment.

Grave of one of the relatives.

Vasile Malutzan - Ceausescu's personal pilot who was piloting the dictator's helicopter in 1989.

Between the millitary and the civil parts of the Ghencea cemetery there is a memorial complex of Romanian soldiers who died in the "war of integrity" of 1916-1919.

An eagle on a wall of the memorial.

One of the parts of the memorial.

There is the Turkish cemetery across the road from Ghencea.

Comrade Nicolae Ceausescu, the communist dictator who ruled Romania between 1974 and 1989.

In the center of the composition there is a cross with a red star.

Admirers of the ex-authority bring candles to the grave. However, when we were visiting it there wasn't anyone.

In front of the cross there is a plate with the shape of Romania on the map and achivements of the communist era inside it: barrages, electric power stations and agrarian stuff.

A closer look at the plate.

A letter from an admirer.

The monument from behind.

Portrait, name and two photographs.

The inscription in the bottom says "A tear of the Romanian people on your grave" seems ok to me, since there is no precise definition what kind of tear it is, whether the one of suffering or grief.

Ceausescu monument from behind.

Just an interesting crypt on the civil part of the Ghencea cemetery.

The grave of Ceausescu's son Nicu who died in 1996.

The grave of Elena Ceausescu.

Cross with her name on it.

Another view.

Elena Ceausescu.