Junction on the University square.

Street going from the University towards calea Mosilor.

Booths at the entrance to the zoo. Near the zoo there is the forest many jolly citizens of Bucharest go to on the weekend.

Jolly Bucharest citizens.

Cars and a girl who most likely came for a picnic too.

The forest in spring.

Trees and flowers are all around.

Fire with quite a student-style device for frying meat :)

Sun, trees and shadows.

Tops of the trees.

Spring sexual activity of insects.

Yellow flower.

White flowers.

One more specimen of the spring flora.

Blue flowers on and the last-year leaves on the background.


Chicken legs on the fire.

A sight to the sky.


Yours truly.


Vika, Olya and Konst.

A sketch for a wall-calendar with girls.