A drinking bowl near the Chernobyl victims monument.

The victims of Chernobyl monument. Quite a lousy one, in my opinion. I absolutely cannot understand what the flying muscled man means and what he can have in common with Chernobyl.

The Liberty square and a luna-park on it.

Lenin and kartings on the Liberty square.

Feel yourself Schumacher.

A house on Klochkovskaya str.

The Cascade. They used to bring me here when I was a child. Water was running on these stairs and it looked beautiful.

Well-dressed ladies walking along the Shevchenko garden with a rake. Obviously they were students doing some obligatory labour. They appeared not to have any sense of humour at all.

The Gosprom.

Kharkov state university.

The city council on the Liberty square.

A CD-store on the intersection of Pushkinskaya and Pushkinsky v'ezd.

Cemetery nr. 5, a stone on the entrance.

The way to the airport, an old stand about an anniversary of the Victory.

A karting place in the Gorky park.


A fountain in the Gorky park.

This plate says "In this house built in 1930, the old bolsheviks, participants of the three revolutions, used to live". Sumskaya str.

Drops of the rain on an umbrella.

In a cosmetics shop on Odesskaya str.