The famous People's House.

People's House: a side-view.

The front view of the People's House.

Front view.

Mariott hotel and the People's House which is seen between the other two buildings.

Monument of the heroes of the 1st WW in front of Mariott.



A direction indicator toward the Romanian academy of science. The address is also cool.

Romanian academy of science.

One of the killer-constructions of the Ceausescu era. It is still unfinished. The name is the House of Radio.

House of Radio.

Fronf of the House of Radio.

Dambovita river.


Triumphal arch.

A piece of the Herestrau park.

The press house. Formerly it was called the Spark house and was a gift that USSR gave to Bucharest. It's a small copy of the Moscow state university building.

Cutter on the Herestrau lake.

A monument by the famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Herestrau park.

Statue of Charles de Gaulle.

Charles de Gaulle.

A monument with eagles on an intersection in the quiet downtown area of Bucharest.


Monument of the medical men heroes of the WWI.

Medical men heroes.

Fountain and children.


Monument raised in honour of the 150 years anniversary of the Romanian artillery.

Plate on the monument.

An intersection near the People's House.

A small sky-scraper.

The main office building of the state CEC bank on calea Victoriei.


Entrance to the CEC.


Reflection of the CEC in the neighbour Romanian exchange building.

Columns of the historical museum.


A building in the Cismigiu park. Law faculty buidilng or something.