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[08.09.04] Kharkov: presedentials ads
[08.09.04] Kharkov: city's 350 anniversary
[08.09.04] Kharkov: 350 anniv preparations
[08.09.04] Summer'04: random trip shots
[14.08.04] Bucharest: early August
  [30.07.04] Galati: city views
[06.07.04] Bucharest: some architecture
[28.06.04] Vama Veche: the Black Sea
[28.06.04] Vama Veche: the village
[25.06.04] Funny cars: part 3
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Random photos
Gran Canaria: Las Palmitos park :: There is a small pavillion with aquariums in the park. In this tank are clown-fishes.
Kharkov: Maslenitsa or Butter Week festival :: Picture #41
Moscow: Chirst the Savior Cathedral and Moskva river :: Picture #1

A view from my balcony after rain.After rain another day.Monument of the heroes of aviation.A big office building under construction.
A new bust of Lev Tolstoy in Herestrau park.A new fountain in the same park.Victoriei square panorama.Olympic champion Ivan Patzaichin. Romanian of the Russian origin. He's still alive, but already exists as a statue.
Patzaichin (pronounced Patsaikin).
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