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[08.09.04] Egypt: Luxor, Karnak temple
[08.09.04] Egypt: desert and its habitants
[08.09.04] Egypt: town of Hurghada
[08.09.04] Egypt: the Red Sea
[08.09.04] Egypt: Hurghada, Magawish resort
  [08.09.04] Egypt: air flight
[08.09.04] Kharkov: presedentials ads
[08.09.04] Kharkov: city's 350 anniversary
[08.09.04] Kharkov: 350 anniv preparations
[08.09.04] Summer'04: random trip shots
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Random photos
Lviv: people :: An old lady on a balcony in one of courts.
Thailand: Ao Thalane wildlife :: Picture #2
Prague: Mala strana :: Picture #12

Bungalow: entrance to the room I lived in.Inside look of the room. Quite decent: air-conditioner, TV and it also has a bathroom.A notice regarding usage of towels on the wall in the bathroom.Palm-trees on the hotel territory. The first night after coming.
rating: excellent [3]
A statue.The swimming-pool in the night.Palm-trees.Columns next to the restaurant's entrance.
A pathwalk to the pool.Flowers near the reception building.Pierce at the beach.The hotel's animators conducting water gymnastics.
Sunset, a view from our bungalow.Flowers.An African egret. I only saw such birds at the zoo before. Also it was possible to see real gekkos there.Fantazy bar.
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The beach.The beach with a palm-tree in the foreground.
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