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[08.09.04] Egypt: City of the Dead, Nile
[08.09.04] Egypt: Luxor, Karnak temple
[08.09.04] Egypt: desert and its habitants
[08.09.04] Egypt: town of Hurghada
[08.09.04] Egypt: the Red Sea
  [08.09.04] Egypt: Hurghada, Magawish resort
[08.09.04] Egypt: air flight
[08.09.04] Kharkov: presedentials ads
[08.09.04] Kharkov: city's 350 anniversary
[08.09.04] Kharkov: 350 anniv preparations
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Bucharest: walk on 29/02 :: Toilet.
Kherson region, Ukraine: Askania Nova natural park :: Picture #18
Warnemünde: Baltic sea port and ships :: Picture #11

The end of the shore hotels line.
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They usually have a cameraman on-board when going to corall reefs. He films the whole travel and then offers you to buy such a film.Tail of the cutter's motor.The shore.
A cutter in the sea.An Arab guy called Mina doing massage to a Russian tourist.
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An coral reefs-circled island in the sea.A wind-surfer.
A lighthouse among the reefs.Cutters on the dock.The loading dock.Seagulls following the cutter.
Sea-shope with hotels still in construction.Diving lessons open-water.Reefs.Coral reefs, an island and a lighthouse.
John and Konst as aquanauts.Picture #18
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