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[24.10.04] Berlin, Germany: initial impressions
[04.10.04] Bucharest: Carol park and Mariott
[08.09.04] Egypt: City of the Dead, Nile
[08.09.04] Egypt: Luxor, Karnak temple
[08.09.04] Egypt: desert and its habitants
  [08.09.04] Egypt: town of Hurghada
[08.09.04] Egypt: the Red Sea
[08.09.04] Egypt: Hurghada, Magawish resort
[08.09.04] Egypt: air flight
[08.09.04] Kharkov: presedentials ads
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Random photos
Berlin: Ukraine vs Tunis at Olympiastadion :: Accidentally got between Ukrainian fans Tunisian guy.
Thailand: modern Bangkok, Silom district :: Picture #5
Catalonia: Santa Maria de Montserrat abbey :: Picture #17

A camera guy on the roof.Salt of the excursion, a tourist women in a "Become a star" (in Russian) t-shirt. On the left is our guide Asad.The Arabian desert and the Red Sea mountains.Entering the mountains.
A mountain.Mountains.A stone.A look from above.
A way between mountains.A view.Moon landscape.Jeeps in the valley.
Mountains.Here the Bedouin village begins.Bedouin huts.Sunset. In the Middle East the sun sits in a minute. It gets dark very fast.
A camel.Camel with a drover.A camer and a Bedouin woman.
rating: almost excellent [5]
Almost a caravan.
Camel and a Bedouin woman.Bedouin women making bread.Mountains in the light of the sunset.Surprizingly, there is a Bedouin mosque on the picture. The place where they pray.
Safari.Sunset.A guy watching the sunset.Mountains.
During the sunset.Road.Bedouin woman making a gobelin.
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