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[01.11.04] Bran: Dracula's castle
[01.11.04] Bran: the village
[01.11.04] Brasov: a beautiful city
[24.10.04] Bucharest: evening fountains
[24.10.04] Iasi: weekend shots
  [24.10.04] Berlin, Germany: initial impressions
[04.10.04] Bucharest: Carol park and Mariott
[08.09.04] Egypt: City of the Dead, Nile
[08.09.04] Egypt: Luxor, Karnak temple
[08.09.04] Egypt: desert and its habitants
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Random photos
Kharkov: spring shots :: Feel yourself Schumacher.
Kiev: life of the capital :: Picture #8
Zaporozhye: bridges and DnieproGES :: Picture #3

Traian Basescu is the leader of the democratic party of Romania and candidate for the president on behalf of the "D.A. PNL/PD" alliance. Occasionally Konst attended to the event while visiting Iasi :)Basescu speaking.The conference room of the World Trade Center building in Iasi.Billiards in Viper club: Konst and Gustavo.
Gustavo and Lia Loria.Morning fog.Raducaneni village in Iasi area. Foggy.Column.
Elena.Neighbours' pig.Snout with a cool piercing.Corn-eatin'
Just like David and Goliath.
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Country-style company.Halloween.Our people in the Romanian village.
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